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We are a collection of photographers and filmmakers obsessed with the wildest weather on the planet. We chase down monster storms on the Great Plains and in the American SW to capture stunning imagery. We use that stunning imagery to create highly-acclaimed educational materials in Titan U.

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Our acclaimed educational section features lessons on storm formation, structure, and behavior. Perfect for any skill level!

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Texas Panhandle Dryline Supercell and Tornado! – May 26, 2021 Storm Chase

There weren’t many traditional dryline setups on the menu for me this year, so when one finally matched up with my schedule on May 26, I had to give it a go. My initial target was the Oklahoma Panhandle with the thought I might need to hedge into Kansas as the day went on —…

How I position around storms to get great photos of supercells

Storm chasing is a giant game of chess. There are so many decisions I have to make when it comes to chasing storms to get in good position for photos and videos — from road networks to storm mode to storm speed, goodness me! But what if I told you, that despite all of those…

When storm chasing goes bad! How to bust the Titan way! 5/23/21 Storm Chase

There was SO MUCH anticipation for May 23 in Eastern Colorado. A (rare for this region) 10% tornado outlook was issued by the SPC and morning models were very bullish on isolated supercells forming along a dryline and racing east and north with tornadoes possible. Heh. The plan for this day for us was super…

Featured Videos

May 28th, 2021 Roswell, NM Hail and Dust Storm

A powerful supercell moved southeast across Roswell, NM and dropped destructive hail up to 3″ in diameter. It also produced a powerful dust storm which made visibility zero and created deadly driving conditions! This was the first time I have ever been caught in dust such as this!

February 4, 2014 Storm Chase | Heavy Snow in Oklahoma

Just another Oklahoma snowstorm (jaos?). This was a decent little snowstorm right on the heels of a winter storm just days prior. That was the relatively notable piece to this storm, where we had a week of snowstorms which was realtively peculiar for OK.

Tornado Titans Season Three: End of the Season

A giant ridge sets in for much of April and May, shutting down the 2012 chase season almost for good. But, mother nature has one last day in store for the team.



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