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Our Story was initially founded by photographers Chris Sanner and Brandon Goforth in 2009. Since then, Josh Ward, Brandon Sullivan, and Brett Wright have joined our team to create one of the most dynamic and successful storm chasing brands in the world over the past few years. We are incredibly passionate about the sky, the atmosphere, and capturing it all with a camera. Our work has been featured in various national and international outlets. All stock video or photo inquires please sent us an e-mail.

What Do We Do?

At our most basic level, we pursue extreme weather to document it's effects on the Central and Southern Plains. From supercells and tornadoes in the Spring, to hurricanes in the summer and fall, to blizzards in the winter and everything in between, we are fascinated by the extreme weather this region produces. We share our work with our followers online, we educate and inform on the dangers of extreme weather either generally or specifically with regards to upcoming events, and we focus on preparedness solutions so people can be better ready when extreme weather strikes. We teach about photography, videography, cameras, and share our tips on how to become better visual artists. We accomplish a lot of this through our blog, which allows us to reach our followers, curious onlookers, etc. with our content and message. We sincerely hope the content experience is just as enjoyable to consume as it is to prepare!

Our Team


Chris Sanner is a native Oklahoman and is a skilled photographer. Chris is the creator of The Bear's Cage Documentary Series and Tornado Titans Web Series.

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Brandon Goforth has observed storms for almost 15 years with one of the most impressive stills libraries around, including the only weather related 100.0 on


Brandon Sullivan has been featured in numerous specials about storms and weather and his video has been featured on almost every major worldwide news network.

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Josh Ward is an avid photographer and storm observer. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Josh has observed over 100 tornadoes and enjoys documenting weather of all types. Josh is an integral part of the team, with an impressive images library.

Brett Wright was born in Illinois and grew up fascinated with the weather. His photography eye and skill are incredible, as he has amassed some of the most memorable images of the last few seasons including stunning captures of the Shawnee, OK EF4 tornado from 2013.