Supercell over Mobeetie, Texas. May 2018.

Welcome to Storm Chasing

EF4 tornado near Katie, Oklahoma. May 9, 2016.

The Home of Titan U

Dying LP Supercell at dusk near Coldwater, Kansas.

Watch the Web Series

Supercell near Floydada, Texas. April 22, 2015.

Capturing Incredible

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Storm Chasing Is What We Do

Welcome to storm chasing. Tornado Titans is home of Titan U and the Tornado Titans web series. This website is where we capture incredible as supercell thunderstorms roam the plains and tornadoes form quickly. We began in 2009, and this year is our 10th anniversary. We’re just getting started.

Who We Are

We are a collection of photographers and filmmakers obsessed with severe weather. We are called storm chasers or crazy or everything in between. But, we’ve been at storm chasing for quite awhile and have a lot to share. Be sure to check out our about us page to learn about the storm chasers behind the camera.

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