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Disclaimer: Storm chasing is a dangerous and potentially fatal activity. Anyone attempting to observe storms may suffer personal injury or property damages. Usage of these materials is not meant to replace official storm spotter training.

Titan U was originally founded in 2011 as a learning resource for storm enthusiasts. In 2015, the effort was expanded with the goal of teaching weather to anyone who might be interested with the emphasis still on people at the entry and intermediate levels of learning. We hope you enjoy these guides.

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Tornado Titans Digital Asset Library

Visit our online library of digital assets for use on non-commercial projects! This resource was created with weather educators specifically in mind. Our database of photos and videos is free to use within the confines of the license agreement!

Featured Content

Storm Chase Cases

Go from forecast to chasing the storm and get the inside scoop on critical decisions and forecast strategies in this new series of Titan U videos.

Storm Anatomy

Storm Anatomy Diagrams are one of our favorite features in Titan U. These videos literally diagram storm structure and discuss how the structure informs storm behavior. Check them out!

Learn About Forecasting

Weather Models Intro

Want to learn more about how to forecast storms via weather models?

Basics of Hodographs

Hodographs are a quite underutilized tool for storm chasers. Here’s why.

Intro to Skew-Ts

Ever wondered how to read Skew-T charts? This course is for you!

Storm Chase Targets

Learn the basics of how storm chasers select targets for storm days.

Storm Season 101

Learn the basics of how storm season works.

Storm Photography and Videography Tips

A collection of tips from our expert photographers and filmmakers on how to capture the beauty of the atmosphere more effectively.

Weather FAQs

A place where your burning weather questions get answered! Have a question you want to ask? Use our contact form!

Storm Preparedness

Stay ahead of the game with these simple lessons on how to stay informed and safe when severe weather threatens!

The Latest Titan U Videos

The Build Up To A Tornado

Just about every chase season, I get to see a supercell do something terrible and miraculous all at once: produce a tornado. The build up to a tornado in most supercells is pretty predictable. How a tornado forms is just incredible to witness. Check out the video we recently posted highlighting four steps of the…

How to Read a Tornado Watch Like a Pro

Did you know that not all tornado watches are made equal? In fact, tornado watches are issued with enhanced products attached to them like probabilities of different severe weather as well as extended information about the threats of the day. In this video, I’ll walk you through tornado watch text and products and explain how…