Who are we?

Tornado Titans was founded in 2009 by Brandon Goforth and Raychel Sanner. At our founding Cody Foster was part of the team as an active chaser helping the team as a secondary cameraman and with navigation. Shortly after our founding, Josh Ward joined our team as well, lending his expertise to our team. Since the initial days of Tornado Titans, we’ve added talented photographers and filmmakers to our team in Brandon Sullivan, Brett Wright, Eugene Thieszen, and Jason Caster. Each brings an array of talents including weather knowledge, exceptional photography, and (most importantly) being great people.

Raychel Sanner

Raychel is an Emmy Award winning storm chaser based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She first started chasing in 2003 and has documented hundreds of tornadoes across the Great Plains.

Brandon Goforth

Brandon is a highly accomplished photographer, with a careful attention to detail that results in eye-popping imagery that has garnered the attention of media outlets from around the globe. He has been chasing 20 years and is based in Oklahoma City.

Brett Wright

Brett is an excellent storm chaser with acclaimed photography skills and a growing collection of jaw-dropping time lapses. He has been chasing over a decade with some of the best storm pictures of the last decade. Brett is based in Eastern Oklahoma.

Brandon Sullivan

Brandon is a degreed meteorologist, an entrepreneur, and a highly accomplished storm chaser with some of the most well-known tornado video of the last two decades. Brandon is based in the Oklahoma City metro.

Eugene Thieszen

Eugene has garnered wide praise for his storm photography and videography collection over his over two decades of storm chasing experience. A resident of the central Great Plains, Eugene has documented some of the most noteworthy storm events of the past 20 years.

Jason Caster

Jason is a highly accomplished storm chaser with over a decade of experience documenting the biggest twisters in Tornado Alley. He is based in Oklahoma City and has a growing collection of photography and videos of the wildest weather on the planet.

What We Do

We are photographers and filmmakers obsessed with capturing incredible imagery of the sky and weather in all its forms. From tornadoes and supercells to blizzards and dust storms, we will pursue any extreme, unique, or interesting weather and seek to document it with stunning imagery.

Additionally, we believe that the weather and sky is everyone’s to enjoy. This planet is vast and exceptionally beautiful. We want to share our gifts and teach others how to capture its beauty so that all can enjoy this wonderful planet in its wildest and most unique forms.

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