Our Passion…For the Sky

TornadoTitans.com was initially founded by photographers Chris Sanner and Brandon Goforth in 2009. Since then, Josh Ward, Brandon Sullivan, Brett Wright, and Eugene Theiszen have joined our team to create a coalition combining our skills with photography, videography, and weather knowledge. We are incredibly passionate about the sky, extreme weather, and capturing it with a camera. Our work has been featured in various national and international outlets over the past decade and we have produced several video productions. All stock video or photo inquires please sent us an e-mail.

Who Are We?

TornadoTitans.com is a loosely affiliated group of photographers and filmmakers including Chris Sanner, Brandon Goforth, Josh Ward, Eugene Thieszen, Brandon Sullivan, and Brett Wright. Our goal is to create a blog and website experience created by storm chasers and weather enthusiasts for storm chasers and weather enthusiasts.

Our team has decades of combined experience chasing severe weather, with hundreds of tornadoes and many more extreme weather events logged as a team. We are incredibly experienced and good at what we do, but what we do can pose a serious threat to our lives. Please do not try to pursue extreme weather without proper education, training, and readiness.

What do we do?

At our most basic level, we pursue extreme weather to document it’s effects on the Central and Southern Plains and share those adventures and our thoughts about the weather we pursue on this blog. From supercells and tornadoes in the Spring, to hurricanes in the summer and fall, to blizzards in the winter and everything in between, we are fascinated by the extreme weather the earth produces.

We share our work with our followers online, we educate and inform on the dangers of extreme weather either generally via Titan U or specifically with regards to upcoming events, and we focus on preparedness solutions so people can be better ready when extreme weather strikes. We teach about photography, videography, cameras, and share our tips on how to become better visual artists. We accomplish a lot of this through our blog, which allows us to reach our followers, curious onlookers, etc. with our content and message. Also, we do in-person training and events which seeks to teach both better storm chasing and spotting practices as well as share our experiences as storm chasers.

What is our mission?

We strive to capture the atmosphere in it’s most uniquely violent forms. Through that pursuit, we hope to raise awareness about the dangers of extreme weather and the need for safety and preparedness. We desire to serve weather enthusiasts and storm chasers with content created for them to make the experience of following and pursuing the weather even more enjoyable. Also, we seek to teach upcoming photographers and videographers about not only storm photography, but for the visual arts as a whole. Our hope is that you are enamored and enthralled with the beauty of nature like we are and that our work fosters a sense of wonderment within you.

We are in no way, shape, or form associated with the National Weather Service or NOAA in any way. While we sometimes provide real time weather information as part of our mission, it is neither our goal nor mission to be a real time weather source meant to deliver timely and accurate weather information. If you want to stay up to date on the latest in extreme weather in your neighborhood, Weather.gov is your answer online along with a weather radio to protect you while you sleep.