This is going to come as a shock to anyone who prefers to buy expensive cameras, but the camera body you buy really isn’t giving you a leg up anymore…

Look this is perhaps my hottest take of the early parts of 2024, but I believe in another few years the camera body you shoot with will not matter so long as it is relatively recent. Buying a 7 year old body used means you lose some cool features, but your image quality will not be that different.

Cameras are still getting better, but their image quality really isn’t.

0:00 – The Plateau
1:33 – Cameras Are Improving
2:10 – Software is the Future
2:50 – Bargain Bin
3:20 – Camera Wars
3:50 – Sensor Size
4:24 – Ergonomics
5:08 – The Robots Are Coming
6:24 – But There’s Hope…