I’ve begun some work on getting media organized from the 360° camera that I’ve been mounting on my roof the last two years. Admittely I’ve dropped the ball a couple of times near tornadoes (I’m still mentally crying about shutting off my camera on May 22 in 2021) — but I’m really excited about some of the use-cases I’m discovering.

360 Timeline Test 2  HD 1080p 2023 02 06 09 56 21 screenshot

I’ve actually created a couple of 360° storm anatomy diagram videos as a test case a couple of years ago, but you can bet these will be making a comeback after this next Spring. Check out my favorite one here:

The views you get from a 360° camera near storms (and the flexibility) are what draws me to the technology. I’m a huge fan and will probably be deploying 2 or 3 of these cameras at any given time this upcoming chase season. Check out some sample super-super wide stills from scenes this past year:

360 Timeline Test 2  HD 1080p 2023 02 06 09 56 07 screenshotSupercell in the Texas Panhandle shortly before the bright storm to the left, which was a left-split, killed it unceremoniously. 

360 Timeline Test 2  HD 1080p 2023 02 06 09 55 51 screenshot
Very wide fisheye effect of an approaching outflow dominant supercell.

360 Timeline Test 2023 02 05 21 19 24 screenshot
LP supercell over the New Mexican desert near Carlsbad.

360 Timeline Test 2  HD 1080p 2023 02 06 12 46 32 screenshot
Beautiful supercell tower with mammatus over New Mexico. 


I’ll certainly be talking more about these cameras in the coming weeks. But this is just a random post to tell you how excited I am by the results I got from these this year. 

I’m ready for the Spring storm season if you can’t tell!