We’re closing in on the end of March with a tornado reports count number that remains below average for this time of year. With several days of few to no tornadoes expected to close out the month, we’re likely looking at entering April below the typical average for the 2024 season.

Will it last? That’s the question everyone is likely asking. The answer is, there’s no way to say with 100% certainty.

  • It is likely April will be much busier. There are big-picture indications of a continued active storm track this upcoming month but we’ll almost certainly have more moisture and instability around to meet the strong wind shear these systems bring.
  • Regardless, one big event can define a year. Some years end up well-below average but have a highly impactful tornado event or two. Thus, complacency isn’t a good idea as we move into the peak months of tornado activity in the country.