We might see some interesting weather developing on Wednesday. A few different systems are lining up in a way that could spark severe thunderstorms, especially in central and eastern Oklahoma. However, there are some factors that could make or break this potential.

The setup has a lot of moving parts. A large trough of low pressure out west will start to deepen and impact our area. It’ll push a low-pressure system eastward, with a dryline setting up in Oklahoma and Kansas. That dryline, the zone where hot, dry air meets warmer, moist air, is where storms could really get going. However, a strong cap, as well as drier flow at 850mb, could really tamp down on storm coverage. Currently, models are pretty stingy with the overall amount of storms, and it is not impossible that we see none. 

Whether or not we get those severe storms depends on a few things we still need to pin down. The exact placement of that dryline and if all the right ingredients come together will determine how things go. We’ll be watching this closely, so stay tuned for updates!