It’s time for another satellite 101 video! Did you know you can use satellite imagery to refine your forecasts to perfection? That’s what this series is hoping to teach you gradually through real-world examples!

This one focuses on the June 21, 2023 storm day taking us from just before storms formed to just after major storms formed. This is a day where you can learn a lot from how storms formed and evolved, and with a combination of surface plots with satellite imagery, you can know all you need to know on which storms to target.

From storm strength, to movement, to how storms are interacting with their local environment — there is so much that satellite can teach us. Let’s break down another day!

0:00 – Let’s Get Going
0:45 – Boundaries Early On
1:38 – Surface Overview
2:11 – Satellite is giving you everything you need
2:30 – You don’t need a model to know the target
3:34 – Later in the day…
4:24 – Storms Go Kaboom
4:44 – Let’s look closer…
5:45 – Satellite shows wind shear
6:30 – Storm Features on Satellite
7:15 – Storm Chasing Roleplaying
8:30 – You Don’t Need Radar Sometimes
8:53 – Final Stuff You Should Know


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