WEATHER MYSTERY: What was behind the failure to launch of supercells on this day?

Everything seemingly was in place. There was strong surface convergence on boundaries, the cap was strong but extremely breakable, and wind shear was absolutely sufficient for supercells (rotating storms). In fact, this day prompted an outlook that called for a couple of tornadoes in this region. Yet storms didn’t mature into robust supercells and, in fact, most were completely gone by sunset. WHAT HAPPENED?!

The answer was in the upper levels of the atmosphere. A ridge of high pressure was beginning to set in, which added some downward momentum to those layers, making storm towers becoming robust much less likely. Storms love an unimpeded upward motion throughout their column, and when air has a tendency to sink aloft, it makes a storm sustaining its strength that much harder. It’s almost a ‘hidden cap’ that can sometimes limit otherwise seemingly favorable storm setups. #weather #science #meteorology #highpressure #weathersatellite