One of the most important things we can do, apart from educating you all on storms and how they form/behave, is to give information that is high quality, accurate to the data, and balanced. We have always had as part of our public mission to capture incredible and say very loudly that weather is for everyone. But something we want to also now make public is the internal motto for this space when discussing weather, “Be realistic, be human, be good.”

Today, there are more weather information sources than you can shake a stick at. We’re a couple of events in to this Spring already, and we have many more to go most likely — including as soon as Monday. Here’s what we’re going to ask you to do today:

  • Think about your weather sources and if they’re causing you constant anxiety. Please include us in this. Get rid of as many as you can that do. We recommend you follow one weather source if you feel heightened fear about storms: Your local National Weather Service Forecast Office. Take care of yourselves this Spring.
  • If you follow any sources, ask yourself who is behind those sources and if they have a track record of accuracy. If a source is both causing you anxiety and seemingly usually way off track, it’s time to consider dumping them. And if you feel that way about us, please do that too. Again take care of yourselves this Spring. 
  • Do not overwhelm your feeds or inboxes with weather information. The human brain can only process so much information. The more you put in, the less likely it is that you’ll be able to make clear sense of what steps you need to take. We recommend you consider trimming your sources down to just a few: your local NWS Office, a local media outlet you can trust, and (hopefully/selfishly but not expected) a credible group of storm chasers/storm spotters. 

Lastly: learn as much as you can. Anxiety is not a fun thing to go through. What we’ve heard from countless people who have watched educational information online (ours and other folks’ stuff) is that the more they learned the less scared they were. We’re revamping our Titan U section this fall, but we’d love to have you around to learn about storms in the meantime. Stay weather aware, but also remember to take care of yourselves this storm season!