WiLD Weather Season One

WiLD Weather: Our favorite lightning displays ever countdown!

Let’s be honest: lightning is sometimes quite terrifying. So when it comes to counting down our favorite lightning displays ever, we have to brave some scary encounters to find the real beauty. For the best lightning displays, you want to look for those high-based, high-instability days of mid to late Spring typically.

WiLD Weather: Spending Easter with some twisters at Chester

Easter Sunday has been a day of a few chases in Titan history. One of our most memorable ones was the Easter Sunday chase at Chester, OK in 2017. On this day, a supercell formed on the intersection of two boundaries and produced a couple of tornadoes into the evening.

WiLD Weather: Battling the cap in a game of atmospheric chicken

The cap and storm chasers are frenemies. Storm chasers need the cap for the very best days to happen, but not so much cap that storms don’t happen at all. The cap needs to be there, just not overwhelmingly so. In that way the cap is like your neighbor William. On this day in April…

WiLD Weather: Chasing down dust storms in the desert southwest

The monsoon season in the desert southwest is an incredible time for storm photographers. Beautiful storms over the beautiful and iconic landscapes of the southwest US are a photographers dream scenario. But the deserts also keep hidden an intense dust storm caused by the outflows of strong monsoon storms: haboobs.

Wild Weather: Documenting the 2017 fall season

The 2017 fall season had a few decent days sprinkled in with a pretty big lull of activity. The ‘second season’ as storm chasers call it is always an anticipated event to end the stormy season on a big note before winter sets in.

WiLD Weather: Spend your next June in the Texas Panhandle

June in the Texas Panhandle can be a magical time of drylines, supercells, and incredible photos. Such as it were, June 8, 2017 had all of those things ready to be unleashed for storm chasers. So yeah, spend your next June in the Texas Panhandle and tell the folks at the Big Texan the Titans…

WiLD Weather: The fantastic beast known as ‘Caprock Magic’

When you are ever in doubt on a chase target on a day, we’ve got a real great tiebreaker for you. When everything seems equal, and when the dryline is set up just right, the caprock is the place to be. This little geographical feature is responsible for a localized concentration of tornadoes along its…

Wild Weather: When the plains become water-logged

The 2015 storm season will be remembered for some notable storm events — but it’ll especially be remembered for some especially excessive amounts of rainfall. In fact, the 2015 season was so dense on heavy rain events that the spillway at the locally famed Lake Texoma was overtopped twice. The spillway being topped is a…

WiLD Weather: Our three favorite timelapses of 2017

When it comes to storm seasons, the 2017 season had a few really good days for timelapse. And boy do we love our timelapse. We started shooting with timelapse all the way back in 2010. So as you can imagine — its a huge part of our workflow on every storm chase. Check out our…

WiLD Weather: I don’t trust Colorado

Listen, to all storm chasers who have scored big in Colorado — congrats. No seriously, congrats. It’s a huge accomplishment to capture incredible storms in a state that continually lies to you about its setup quality and then trolls you the day after you leave. Or…vice versa. Or worse, you go there only to miss…

Wild Weather: Chasing the days that are underrated and forgotten

Every season, there are days that are perfectly forgettable if you aren’t paying attention. In fact, you might even say they’re ‘skippable’ as they present a high risk, low reward return — that is unless you chase them when the rewards happen. If that’s the case, you might just accidentally find yourself enjoying some quality…

WiLD Weather: New Mexico, The land of enchantment for storm chasers

Nestled in what some might call the fringes of tornado alley — New Mexico is often an overlooked destination for storm chasers — especially compared to its bordering states of Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado. However, New Mexico is an enchanting place where the supercells of the plains meet the desert landscapes of the southwest…

WiLD Weather: Leoti

Sometimes, you can just say a town name and the severe weather event instantly is recognizable by storm chaser nerds. Such as it is with Leoti. This storm chase event (of May 21, 2016) is one anyone who chased it won’t soon forget. A slow moving, sculpted, dream supercell.

WiLD Weather: Prime time on the plains

Prime time on the plains happens every year, at variable times, when the tornado season ‘peaks’ in intensity. This is usually because a storm system or series of systems sets everything up just right over the course of several days. During prime time on the plains, even the storms that would seem to be questionable…

WiLD Weather: The Rhea Fire

This is one of the wildest weather events we’ve ever captured. The Rhea fire of 2018 is one where the dry tinderbox conditions of the plains were exacerbated by a dry storm system sweeping through. The result? A firestorm of epic proportions.

WiLD Weather: Sometimes a supercell is just pretty

Sometimes, a chase day just pays off so well with your camera shouting with literal glee as it snaps pictures. These days are usually on the high plains or off of a dryline on the Central or Southern Plains — where storms can be isolated and gorgeous in the late spring with epic storm structure.

WiLD Weather: The MCS episode you’ve definitely been waiting for

Mesoscale Convective Systems, or MCS for short, are storms along a line. These systems are responsible for a huge chunk of the rainfall areas on the Plains get every year and they’re also responsible for some very severe weather. On this chase day, while storms start out initially as supercells, they quickly transition into what…