Gene’s Chase Car Tour | Vlog

Gene is a very pragmatic person with his design of his chase vehicle. Call it an old pilots instinct, but Gene has a pretty simple setup so he can focus on the storms in front of him. In the front is a regular ham radio, a laptop, and a dash cam for streaming of some…

The Chases are coming! | 4/10/18 | Vlog

It seemed like the chases were about ready to start anew. But little did we know the biggest weather story of the next week was going to be the opposite of rain and water.

Storms soon? We’ll See | March 24, 2018 | Vlog

Sanner and Gene spent some time talking about upcoming storm chase chances in the Southern Plains to start the 2018 storm chase season. This was previewing what looked to be a pretty active late March pattern. If only we knew now what we knew then about the 2018 season!

Remember the Hammon Tornado (3/8/10) | Vlog

The Hammon tornado was one of the wildest chase days. With western Oklahoma beginning the day without a tornado risk, we ended the day with a long track, damaging tornado in what seemed to be an otherwise quite marginal environment. This retrospective took a look at the tornado 8 years later.