Tornado Titans Season 2

Tornado Titans Season Two: Tushka, Oklahoma

The season starts off with a bang, as the Titans head to SE Oklahoma for a big and expansive moderate risk. As storms form everywhere, can the team sort out the mess to find a tornado?

Tornado Titans Season Two: Almost Doesn’t Count

Mid-April is a testy time for chasers. While you can find some incredible storm chase setups, others may be less than stellar. As winter’s grip begins to really disappear, this transition time can be boom or bust for storm chasers.

Tornado Titans Season Two: Beauty in Baird

Mid-April continues onward and the team moves to central Texas, seeking a bounty of a tornado on Easter Sunday. While the coming days look historic, the team has only the weekend to make something out of the week.

Tornado Titans Season Two: Welcome to the Machine

This storm chase day featured a strong cap which didn’t look to break — but if it did the atmosphere was primed and ready for tornadoes. As the cap broke in the late afternoon, the Titans are in great position to take advantage.

Tornado Titans Season Two: June-ing

All too often, storm chasers come in April and leave the season behind by May. But not so with us, this collection of chases is a great reason why storm season doesn’t really ever stop when the season changes to summer.