2022 Storm Chase Videos

Dust Bowl Storm Chasing! – April 22, 2022 Texas Panhandle

My 2022 storm chase season began in the Texas Panhandle on April 22. A trough with strong winds aloft was passing overhead, but that also created strong southerly winds at the surface. With strong drought conditions present, that created a dusty mess of a day which made chasing storms…difficult. Still, despite what I thought were…

Las Vegas Flash Flooding From A Monsoon Storm! August 11, 2022

Tornado Titan Jason Caster is in the southwest documenting the 2022 monsoon season across southern Nevada! Flash flooding during the Southwestern Monsoon is a real danger, especially in urban areas like Las Vegas, NV. Here, a heavy thunderstorm core can create a raging river down city streets incredibly fast. This is exactly what happened on…

May 2nd, 2022 Loyal, Oklahoma Tornado

A tornado touched down mainly in rural areas surrounding the town of Loyal, OK. While the rotation was impressive, the tornado only touched down a few times and never got very strong. Also included in this footage is video from a roof mounted GoPro and a roof mounted 360 GoPro.