2020 Storm Chase Videos

Supercells, Bolts, and Dust (oh my!) | Monsoon 2020

The 2020 monsoon season had a decent enough start, but as the calendar turned to August it seemed like we couldn’t maintain a good moisture fetch to save our lives. Still, we were able to squeeze out a few good storm setups in New Mexico, mostly east of the central mountain chain where moisture from…

Photographing beautiful storms and landscapes | Monsoon 2020

Monsoon season is always one of our favorite times of the year. As moisture increases over the southwestern United States, the annual thunderstorm season begins in earnest over the desert. For storm photographers, this is an incredible option to add some spectacular shots to your photography library. This year, with the pandemic ongoing — this…

Snow on top of Sandia Crest near Albuquerque, NM! (November 27, 2020)

I guess we have to accept that its winter sooner or later, so might as well play in the snow! A compact storm system impacted the higher elevations across the SW US this weekend, bringing some brief spurts of heavy snow to the higher elevations. I documented a pretty strong band of snow that was…

April 22nd, 2020 Springer, Oklahoma Tornado

Numerous tornadoes impacted south central Oklahoma, just east of I35. This particular tornado formed near Springer, OK. It became very large quickly as it moved off to the east northeast.

April 21st, 2020 Elk City, OK Hail Storm

Destructive hail up to 2.5″ in diameter impacted Elk City, OK today, Supercell storms formed in the North TX Panhandle and moved east/southeast, with 70+ mph wind, blinding rainfall and very large hail. This video from Elk City, OK shows some damage from hail, hail lying in the streets and some street flooding.