2015 Storm Chase Videos

December 28, 2015 Storm Chase | Extreme Ice Storm in Central Oklahoma!

This was the second of two extreme ice storms to devastate central Oklahoma during the months of November/December 2015. We spent time in and around El Reno, Oklahoma documenting the widespread damage this storm caused. Ice storms are some of the more destructive weather phenomena, as they tend to devastate power grids as well as…

August 18, 2015 Storm Chase | Summer Storm Chase Goes Bust!

This was a day we probably knew better. But alas, we set out for severe storms in Central Oklahoma in the middle of August when it appeared there might just be enough wind shear to have a few interesting things happen — it wasn’t to be though.

May 27, 2015 Storm Chase | Lake Overholser Gates Open

2015 saw epic amounts of rain over the Southern Plains. Here’s a few shots of the flood gates at Lake Overholser open with extreme amounts of water rushing out. You usually don’t see the river up like this behind the dam — but thanks to repeated heavy rain events it was a necessary action to…

May 6, 2015 Storm Chase | Tornadoes Near Verden, Oklahoma

A boundary was set up from SW to NE in Oklahoma on May 6, 2015 with a tornado risk easily outlined. We got a slightly late start to the day, missing the first tornadoes SW of Chickasha, OK — but we made up for it by finishing strong with this multi-tornado producer near Verden, Oklahoma.

March 30, 2015 Storm Chase | Epic Bethany, OK Sunset

This beautiful sunset looks like it was captured on the backside of an anvil shield behind a line of storms. The reality is it was captured as high cirrus with mammatus moved over the OKC metro area during sunset.

March 18, 2015 Storm Chase | Lake Overholser Drought Conditions

Just before the drought broke in Central Oklahoma — it is hard to believe that 2015 was so dry before the rains came that spring. Lake Overholser was down by many feet, with large portions of lake bed visible and easily traversed in the middle parts of March.