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Storm Chases By Year

2022 Storm Chase Season

One of the quietest years in recent memory on the Plains. We also had a tough go of it when there were actual storms to chase!

2021 Storm Chase Season

This year was full of mesoscale madness! Lots of setups that you really had to be on the ball for, but tornadoes were there!

2020 Storm Chase Season

This was a down year in every sense of the word. Still, we tried to make something out of the season.

2019 Storm Chase Season

This year was busy! There were several big tornado days along with a nice diversion into monsoon season. Take a look!

2018 Storm Chase Season

This was a, uh, dreadful year if you were after tornadoes! But, if you liked making pretty pics of storms — there was a lot to like!

2017 Storm Chase Season

A year with plenty of storms for sure, but it was a challenge finding the most photogenic cells as they were in relatively short order.

2016 Storm Chase Season

One of the best years of chasing in the last decade! Lots of photogenic storms and tornadoes in this one!

2015 Storm Chase Season

The year of the HP! Storms were plentiful this year, but amazing photo opps were definitely less plentiful. Still, we saw some great storms!

2014 Storm Chase Season

Welp, this was probably the worst overall year for tornadoes, but what this year had in spades was pretty high based storms!

2013 Storm Chase Season

The year of the monster. We captured multiple violent, large tornadoes almost exclusively in Central Oklahoma on this year.

2012 Storm Chase Season

This was a lean year in the latter stages, with most of the action concentrated on the month of April.

2011 Storm Chase Season

This was probably one of our most successful seasons ever. Check out the chases!

2010 Storm Chase Season

Videos from Tornado Titans’ inaugural season which included several incredible supercell intercepts as well as a couple of notable tornado events.