Hi everyone, we’re back with another camera tip.

Today’s video is two easy to obtain and universal pieces of gear that will change your storm photos and videos for the better. Both of these are easy to obtain and will offer a quick and easy improvement to your photos and videos this season.

The first piece of gear are these graduated neutral density filters from formatt hitech. So why filters? If you are watching this, you are most likely shooting on a budget with your interchangeable lens camera. So you probably don’t have a top of the line full frame with a huge dynamic range. These graduated filters will add two or three stops of dynamic range to your photos and videos without any real quality loss. I’ve been shooting with filters for years now and I can’t recommend them enough, they’re the ultimate equalizer. You’ll need to buy a filter holder and adjustment ring that matches your lenses but I’ve provided a link to buy everything below.

The second piece of gear is this incredible microphone from takstar. I was skeptical when I saw someone recommending this cheapo mic, which comes in at a hefy $25. Their claims that it runs close to microphones that are a couple of hundred dollars had me skeptical to the max. But I figured, hey why not. And let’s just say now, I’m a believer. If you want to gobble this thing up, check out the link to buy below.

Buy these two pieces of gear and you will not be sorry. You’ll improve your storm photos and videos instantly and you won’t break your bank account. Capture something incredible this spring won’t you? We’ll see you, next time.

Formatt Hitech Filter Holder

Formatt Hitech Adapter Rings

Formatt Hitech Grad ND Filters

Takstar Mic

Takstar Mic Windscreen