Welcome to the Tornado Titans Partner Program

We are currently seeking up to five storm chasers or chase teams to partner with for the next year on an exchange/mentorship program that we are very excited about.

The simple version of what this program wants to be is simple: We want to partner with newer/up-and-coming storm chasers to share knowledge and content.

The goal is to have this program be as transparent as possible.

For us the benefits are pretty straightforward: We get additional content, faces, and names to add onto our social feeds/video feeds. For us more content = more growth opportunities.

For you, the benefits are also pretty straightforward: You get personalized tutoring/real-time chats on storm chasing, photography, videography, and you get way more than a majority stake in any finances that your content generates.

Who We Are Looking For

  • Up-and-coming storm chasers who are 18+ years old preferably (but not required to be) located in the following states:
    • Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Dakota.
  • At least two years of storm chase experience with a verifiable portfolio of work (both photo and video). 
  • A similar level of experience with cameras/video/photo.
  • An active social media presence on at least one of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.
  • You must have a Facebook account to participate in group chats.
  • Desire and ability to chase 10+ times during the 2024 calendar year.
  • A passion for storm chasing and learning. This includes supercells/tornadoes/storms — but also a passion for other types of wild weather like wildfires, blizzards, etc.
  • A reputation for being a positive, proactive force for good in the weather/chase community.
  • Some writing ability.

What You’ll Do

  • Provide videos and photos of your storm chases over the next year that we can post on our social media accounts, YouTube, etc. — Note: We will be providing requirements on format, but this will be part of the educational experience.
  • Attend quarterly classes with the team, including robust Q&A and knowledge sharing.
  • Participate in our year-in-review series with interviews/your stories from the year/etc.
  • Conduct yourself professionally in all areas (online, in-person, on the chase). We expect everyone associated with Tornado Titans on any level to live up to the motto “Weather is for Everyone” as much as our other motto, “Capturing Incredible.”

What We’ll Do

  • Provide frequent spaces for learning. This will include sessions on forecasting, chase strategy, on-camera presentation, and the business backend of storm chasing.
  • Post your content featuring your username/face/etc. to let our audience also get to know you (and vice-versa!).
  • Feature you throughout the year on our properties. This may include live streams, interviews, and more!
  • Provide some Titan swag for your use!
  • Payout 80% of all earnings generated from partner content back to partners over the course of the year. Our goal and hope is to have this be a very transparent thing.

A Few More Technical Details

While we aren’t aware of any other groups offering this type of program, it must be noted that this will be done with the expectation that you represent the Titans brand as much as your own. We expect you to conduct yourself professionally and hope you’ll be fully committed to the program.

  • You will not give up any copyrights to us. This program is structured so that you retain ownership, and we get permission to use the content you provide for use (and only that content).
  • This is built as an exchange of knowledge, content, and ideas.
  • We suspect this is something newer and up-and-coming chasers will find more beneficial than established veterans.
  • This is a one-year program. Ideally, we will do this yearly with a new crop of chasers. If this goes well, we’ll want to discuss other ways to partner beyond the year agreement.

How to Apply

Apply Now

We will begin considering all applications on December 15, 2023. Everyone who is accepted will get e-mails no later than January 15, 2023. We will also e-mail those not picked at the same time.