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The Tornado Titans digital asset library is a free resource for those seeking to educate the public on severe weather science and public safety. By using this database you are agreeing to
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The licensing terms are simple for this database. All of the material is available for use with no charge so long as:

  • You attribute us properly (
  • You do not create derivative works, meaning you can’t remix the material into larger standalone video or photo productions.
  • You are not using the materials for profit.

Some cool ways we hope this resource is used:

  • By public safety experts in presentations about severe storm safety and storm behavior.
  • By students in school projects to teach their peers about the extreme atmosphere.
  • By other non-commercial websites seeking to educate about weather.

For clarity, any display of this content with advertising in any form is prohibited and any display of the content in a setting where people must pay to see it is also prohibited.

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