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Why Do Storms Turn Green? Hail? Tornadoes? Aliens?

Aliens? Surface of the ground? Hail? How about…none of the above (except maybe aliens). The answer actually lies within a simple trick of light. Storm clouds are inherently blue and sunlight tends to be orange or red — put those two colors together and you end up with green of some sort. So not magic….

How big can tornadoes get? Does the size matter?

Let’s answer the question: How big do tornadoes get? Tornadoes can be both very big, and quite small. Their sizes can range from a few yards across to a couple of miles! Thus, tornado size is certainly a variable topic. Interestingly, size doesn’t matter in terms of tornado strength. Bigger tornadoes do have a bigger…

Where, exactly, is tornado alley?

Depending on who is asking, the answer to where is tornado alley varies greatly. Who is asking? Why are they asking? Where are they asking from? Much of the United States lives under a near constant yearly threat from tornadoes spawned from supercells. The answer to where is tornado alley is actually quite complex. Air…

What is instability? What is CAPE? How do we measure it for storms?

Instability. We talk about it a lot. We talk about as if you know what it is. But you may not know, we may be assuming, and you may be lost. So let’s explain. First…a definition from the officially official experts: The tendency for air parcels to accelerate when they are displaced from their original…

Titan FAQ: What is the Jungle In Storm Chasing

Storm chasers often talk about ‘the jungle’ — but what is it? Well simple: if its east of I-35 in Oklahoma/Kansas — the trees get more numerous and taller — making viewing storms difficult. This is the jungle. Welcome.