Stay Prepared When Severe Weather Threatens

Stay ahead of the game with these simple lessons on how to stay informed and safe when severe weather threatens!

How to Read a Tornado Watch Like a Pro

Did you know that not all tornado watches are made equal? In fact, tornado watches are issued with enhanced products attached to them like probabilities of different severe weather as well as extended information about the threats of the day. In this video, I’ll walk you through tornado watch text and products and explain how…

Sheltering from a severe storm at home

Its just a severe thunderstorm warning, you don’t have to do anything. But you should! Here are some practical safety tips for severe storm warnings.

When is the peak of severe weather season?

When discussing the peak of severe weather season, the answer relies almost exclusively on the answer of “Where do you live?” As a general rule, the peak of severe weather season moves from southeast to northwest through the year and back again. Thus, the typical peak of severe weather activity is much different for Birmingham,…

How to find good weather sources

Good sources of weather information are super important when it comes to staying informed and safe during severe weather season.