Welcome to Titan U

Titan U was originally founded in 2011 as a resource for beginner storm chasers and storm spotters. In 2015, the effort was expanded with the goal of teaching weather to anyone who might be interested with the emphasis still on people at the entry and intermediate levels of learning.

Our goal with this resource is to teach those who seek to learn more about the dynamic atmosphere a bit more about what’s going on when storms happen. The hope is that those who pass through these virtual doors find joy and feel empowered with information.

We hope you enjoy these resources as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them.

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Storm Chase Cases

Go from forecast to chasing the storm and get the inside scoop on critical decisions and forecast strategies in this new series of Titan U videos.

Storm Anatomy Guides

Storm Anatomy Diagrams are one of our favorite features in Titan U. These videos literally diagram storm structure and discuss how the structure informs storm behavior. Check them out!

Storm Chase Forecasting

Learn the basics on how to forecast for a storm chase in this section!

Weather FAQs

A place where your burning weather questions get answered! Have a question you want to ask? Use our contact form!

Storms 101

Learn the basics of how storms work in this section!

Storm Preparedness

Stay ahead of the game with these simple lessons on how to stay informed and safe when severe weather threatens!

The Latest Titan U Posts

Can You Spot Tornado Lookalikes Underneath Storms?

One of the biggest ‘bad’ storm reporting trends I see are areas of spinning dust under a storm seemingly almost always ending up as a tornado report. This is irrespective of the broader context that said spinning area of dust exists within. If there is an overarching message I’d like this video to get across…

This is How To Use Weather Models: Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

IT IS FINALLY HERE! My guide for beginners to using the very popular weather modeling website Pivotal Weather (you can find it at https://www.pivotalweather.com). While this video is aimed towards beginners, I think there are a lot of small tips for intermediate folks who aren’t quite to the advanced power user stage. I’d certainly recommend…

Tornado Factories: What Are Supercells And How They Churn Out Twisters

Supercells are what storm chasers are after each and every year. Ask any storm chaser what they’re really after out there and it is probably either tornadoes or incredible storm structure — both of those are most common with supercells! These rotating storms pack a punch, creating some of the most dangerous weather on earth…

How I position around storms to get great photos of supercells

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcATU3Rc8tM Storm chasing is a giant game of chess. There are so many decisions I have to make when it comes to chasing storms to get in good position for photos and videos — from road networks to storm mode to storm speed, goodness me! But what if I told you, that despite all of…

The Build Up To A Tornado

Just about every chase season, I get to see a supercell do something terrible and miraculous all at once: produce a tornado. The build up to a tornado in most supercells is pretty predictable. How a tornado forms is just incredible to witness. Check out the video we recently posted highlighting four steps of the…