After several days of supercells and rain-wrapped tornadoes, it was finally time for visible tornadoes in New Mexico…

For the first time I think ever, I went into a storm chase in New Mexico expecting a tornado (May 26, 2023). On this day, the target was very easy. I drove out of my neighborhood in Albuquerque, hit I-40, and got east of the mountains. From there the chase was on, and I then saw two incredible supercells and a couple of picturesque tornadoes.

0:00 – It’s Time
0:45 – Severe Warned Supercell!
1:31 – Need to Move
2:03 – To the west! (OMG)
3:20 – Hail Danger!
4:44 – Tornado Time
5:36 – Anticyclonic Needle
6:53 – HP Supercell
7:33 – Can the new storms do it?