This #tornado formation evolution was very unique! When I get a chance (aka when storm season is largely over for us), I’m going to dive deep into how this event came to be. As I was driving south, an anticyclonic (clockwise spinning) left-split supercell was coming up from the south. To my right was the rear-flank downdraft of a right turning cyclonic (counter clockwise) supercell. To my left was the front-flank downdr#stormdamage f that same right-turning cyclonic cell. My hypothesis is the RFD from the cyclonic cell somehow interacted with the anticyclonic cell coming north to make the magic happen with this anticyclonic and dusty tornado. I couldn’t blieve this as it was happening as I had never seen a left-split produce a tornado in person. A unique but worthy of study event! (4/30 from near Roosevelt, OK) #weather #science #twisters #nature #storm