Our target for this day was Amarillo, Texas. The environment was indeed pretty souped-up, which is typical of mid-May.

At the beginning of the day (May 18, 2023) — lots of storms went up at once just east of a surface trough. This was discouraging at first because I honestly feared that we wouldn’t get a supercell, given the near-constant storm interactions. But, as it turns out, that is precisely what we needed to get a supercell.

What came next with this storm was one of the prettiest storms of the year in Tornado Alley.

0:00 – Look at this thing
0:45 – Pre-Storms
1:56 – Initial Cells
3:12 – Dominant Supercell in View
4:01 – Time to Move
4:16 – Gorgeous View
4:40 – Tornado?
5:13 – Relocating Again
5:46 – Jaw Dropper
6:58 – We Hit Cold Air