IT IS FINALLY HERE! My guide for beginners to using the very popular weather modeling website Pivotal Weather (you can find it at

While this video is aimed towards beginners, I think there are a lot of small tips for intermediate folks who aren’t quite to the advanced power user stage. I’d certainly recommend for folks who are in the know about weather model types to start around 9:44 or so to get more out of this video.

If you are a beginner, the first 10 minutes of this video go over your options in the interface, which admittedly can be extremely overwhelming for beginners. The back half is designed to build expertise so you can start looking at models with some skill.

Of course, we’re going to follow up this video with yet another model guide in the very near future. Also, be sure to check out some of the cards for other deep dives on using weather models.

0:00-0:41 – Intro
0:42-2:55 – Global Models
2:56-3:53 – Regional Models
3:54-6:04 – Convection Allowing Models
6:05-7:14 – Ensemble Models
7:15-9:43 – Interface Options
9:44-11:00 – Reflectivity/UH
11:01-11:45 – Supercell Composite
11:46-12:41 – CAPE + SFC/850/500 Crossover
12:42- 13:47- 500mb Heigh Anomalies
13:48-15:33 – Soundings Intro
15:34-18:08 – Practical Tips for the Road
18:08-19:08 – Goodbyes and teasers