I did not, under any circumstances, think May 24, 2023 would present one of the most powerful supercells I’ve ever seen. I’m still dissecting this storm with fellow chasers to think through how it could’ve intensified to such a powerful cell.

At one point, at 5 miles south and east of the parent updraft I was standing in measured inflow winds of over 80 miles per hour! The structure + inflow combo made this one of the more memorable storms from this past year.

But this storm also produced a couple of tornadoes as well.

0:00 – Initial Towers Going Up
0:55 – The Setup
1:22 – Waiting for Liftoff
1:48 – Starting to Take Shape
3:20 – On the Move
3:52 – Beast Mode
4:28 – HP Time
5:30 – The Storm Growing
6:04 – Insane Power
8:58 – What a Day