I’ve been using an app called ‘Satsquatch’ for the past few weeks and I am falling in love with it. I believe this app is the ultimate companion app to a radar app such as RadarScope or RadarOmega for storm chasers.

Two reasons why I’m loving this app:

1)The satellite views are really nice. I’ve always been frustrated by the pre-set satellite views on websites, so an app that allows me to zoom and pan at will for satellite imagery is a minor but groundbreaking experience.

2)The ability to overlay mesoanalysis items like METARs, CAPE, SRH, etc. over the map is just clutch. I am an avid user of the SPC’s mesoanalysis page, but it is admittedly clunky when it comes time for storm season. I absolutely have been waiting for an app like this.

Perhaps the only negative I have is the METARs aren’t a complete set, there are stations missing on the map and I think that was done to keep the map clean but I don’t agree with it. I’d personally love an option for a more customizable view with the ability to integrate mesonet stations as well onto my map with all metars. As a storm chaser, small changes in wind over short distances can make a huge difference in target selection during the spring.

Overall though, this app is growing and its already great. It’s now one of my two go-to weather apps. Get it!

**Note: This is not a paid endorsement. The Satsquatch folks have never contacted me about promotion, I just wanted to share this unbelievable app with all of you.