The moment we drove up on a monster high-precipitation supercell with a monster lurking inside! As we approached this storm near Seymour, Texas, over the weekend, all the signs were there that this storm was producing a tornado. Radar said it, the visual appearance of the storm said it, my gut said it. Approaching a storm like this, with a desire to move up into the notch, you have to know storm structure inside and out. You also have to have a very good sense of when to call it, which is exactly when you lose situational awareness. Maintaining escape options is paramount. This case was pretty easy to follow, as the storm had high visibility of key features and partial visibility of the large cone before it became completely enshrouded in rain. We abandoned our position just as the heavy rain began to fully wrap around the meso. A textbook HP intercept. #weather #science #tornado #texas #supercell #nature