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New Files Added to Asset Library

Just dropping a quick note to say we’ve dropped some new files into the Titan U Digital Asset Library on Flickr. These files can be used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives license. This basically means these are available for use in educational settings like presentations so long as you prominently credit and…

The Build Up To A Tornado

Just about every chase season, I get to see a supercell do something terrible and miraculous all at once: produce a tornado. The build up to a tornado in most supercells is pretty predictable. How a tornado forms is just incredible to witness. Check out the video we recently posted highlighting four steps of the…

May 28th, 2021 Roswell, NM Hail and Dust Storm

A powerful supercell moved southeast across Roswell, NM and dropped destructive hail up to 3″ in diameter. It also produced a powerful dust storm which made visibility zero and created deadly driving conditions! This was the first time I have ever been caught in dust such as this!