This video is meant to be an introductory lesson for those folks just starting to chase and those who traditionally chase the more traditional lower plains of Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, etc.

Chasing in the high plains is a different experience which requires less overall on the parameters to have success. Additionally, there are unique strategic consideration to think on, especially including road options and storm formation off of terrain features.

In this lesson, Sanner is joined by Parker Koppes ( to talk about what chasing in the high plains is like. They go over some strategy considerations for the high plains as well as some forecast tips on what to look for.

The High Plains season typically peaks sometime in June but you can get worthy setups throughout the summer. Thus, this is a great place to consider extending your chase season beyond the more traditional Late April to Mid June period.

Be sure to watch this video if you’ve never chased, armchair or otherwise, the High Plains before!

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