Chasing with friends always makes chase days better. As Titan Eugene Thieszen arrived in the southwest for his shot at some monsoon chasing, it was my hope that the atmosphere would cooperate and provide us with some beautiful scenes. Thankfully, it did just that with Gene in the area!

This summer was a giant learning experience and these days are no different. It was cool seeing so much electricity but getting close lightning bolts with storms without getting a ton of rain on the lens is something I want to work on in 2020. Another area to improve on is shooting more video, especially stabilized video attached to the car around storms. There were several moments we missed out on some incredible content (August 6 at El Morro there were several big strikes of lightning we couldn’t get).

Thus, Part III is all about the successes but also we look back on this part as a good time learning how to chase a new pattern with friends. Hope you enjoy!