The close of the 2019 monsoon season for me was an eventful one. Two of my best lightning days happened towards the end of the year which I think can be attributed to growing comfort and experience with the monsoon chasing experience.

It is funny that, after nearly 20 years of chasing, the monsoon season is so vexxing some days. In many ways its relatively straightforward, but it requires a complete mental shift away from the plains chasing mindset. You don’t target where storms form but rather, where you think they’ll be at sunset. Even then, those targets are relative and subject to change with conditions. Models are a bit less useful, and generally knowledge of the pattern in combination with knowledge of the local terrain features and observed conditions pre-storm are much better tools.

Still, this first season was a success in many ways, especially considering that next year, there will be more successes with experience. I can’t wait. Now let’s move to Spring of 2020!