There weren’t many traditional dryline setups on the menu for me this year, so when one finally matched up with my schedule on May 26, I had to give it a go.

My initial target was the Oklahoma Panhandle with the thought I might need to hedge into Kansas as the day went on — but looking over surface obs and satellite imagery it was obvious that the storm of the day in my target zone was definitely going to be in Texas.

After a not so daring core punch, I found myself in position as this storm ramped up and began a weak tornadofest. This was a good quality dryline storm, check it out by watching the vid!

0:00-0:32 Intro
0:33-1:35 My First View
1:36-2:35 Classic Storm Structure
2:36-3:21 Now Higher Based
3:22-4:13 Unexpected Tornado
4:14-5:57 Storm Ramps Up Over Perryton One Last Time
5:58-6:40 Conclusion