Hey we’re back!

Today we have a new feature we are debuting, storm education in 360-degree views! If you’ve watched our storm anatomy diagarms, this is a similar format to that, but obviously different in its own ways. Eventually the goal is to build out a whole suite of educational videos in VR to enhance learning and the overall experience of storm videos. We’re pretty damn stoked to be honest!

In this vid, we’re taking a look at a BEAUTIFUL supercell on the dryline in the Texas Panhandle on May 4, 2019. This storm produced a couple of super weak tornadoes and also simply looked gorgeous along its path. Isolated storms on the dryline are like that.

A few things you’ll notice in this video that are somewhat unique to this storm is how isolated it truly was, there were no clouds between this storm and the supercell to its south (you’ll need to turn around to see that one down the road). Also, this storm had a pretty cool corkscrew like appearance as it reached up into the heavens, with an inflow tail clearly visible towards the bottom.

Really, super pumped about this video! Be sure to give it a watch and stay tuned for more, coming soon!