Texas Enhanced Risk Storm Chase (May 6, 2023)

Storms are going to be explosive again today with giant hail, very damaging winds, and perhaps a tornado or two across Texas. Our current target is Central Texas once again. Join us for today’s live storm chase!

Busy Severe Weather Day Expected

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, days like today are [...]

Brief Tornado in Southeast OKC! April 19, 2023

Folks watching our live stream yesterday got a good glimpse of a brief tornado over the SE portions of the OKC metro. This brief tornado occurred near Tinker Air Force Base and lasted just a couple of minutes before dissipating. After this tornado we captured incredible sunset structure and then quickly bailed south for many…

Supercells, Tornadoes Possible Today in Oklahoma (4/19/23)

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Enhanced Threat of Hail, Tonadoes in Texas (4/2/23)

If there ever was a time for “that escalated quickly” [...]

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