How to Find Weather Boundaries on Satellite Imagery

One of the most useful things satellite imagery can do for you is to map out boundaries in real-time, including where convergence is strongest and where the cap is most likely to break. Finding boundaries on satellite imagery actually isn’t that difficult for the most part, and I hope this is pretty self-explanatory after you…

Your Camera Body Doesn’t Matter Anymore for Image Quality

This is going to come as a shock to anyone who prefers to buy expensive cameras, but the camera body you buy really isn't giving you a leg up anymore; Look this is perhaps my hottest take of the early parts of 2024...

Total Solar Eclipse as seen from NE Texas in 360°!

I couldn’t believe that the clouds parted just in time for this magnificent show. Watch the final minutes to totality and then experience the minutes of totality we got to witness. This was just an unbelievable day. I don’t think there’s any better way to share this experience right now than to just share the…

Sometimes You Just Need a Storm For Beauty on the High Plains

Give me a moment to wax poetic, but I really enjoy a good High Plains storm — and a good desert storm. Really, just a storm. June was coming and I was ready to hit the road again across the Southern High Plains. There was a reasonable shot at some supercells across portions of the…

Tornado Documentation: How Close Is Too Close?

The past year has saw its fair share of incidents from storm chasers who got too close and overchased their circumstances and skill levels. In this video, let’s talk about if its even safe to get close and how close is too close? 0:00 – Let’s Talk About This 0:55 – Mistakes Were Made 1:51…

A Lon(ely) Supercell And Tornado in Central New Mexico

Just a few days before this chase day, I thought I was done for awhile. Mother nature had other plans, and it was all set to happen close to home. On May 31, 2023, I woke up realizing very clearly it was another chase day in New Mexico. Everything pointed towards this being the case.

Panhandle Flying Saucer Structure (May 3, 2023)

The best part of living in Albuquerque for storm chasing is getting the random marginal risk storm chases on your way out to your main target the next day. These chase days are quickly becoming a favorite part of my residency out in the desert, because they always find a way to give me a…

Marginal Day/Field Test in Eastern NM

Join me for a field test day of new equipment and a marginal risk of severe storms in New Mexico!

Texas Enhanced Risk Storm Chase (May 6, 2023)

Storms are going to be explosive again today with giant hail, very damaging winds, and perhaps a tornado or two across Texas. Our current target is Central Texas once again. Join us for today’s live storm chase!

Significant Tornado Threat in the South (March 24, 2023)

Tomorrow: A significant risk of tornadoes, with some strong tornadoes [...]