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2023 Severe Season Outlook: What to Expect in Tornado Alley

Join storm chaser Raychel Sanner as she provides insights into the 2023 severe season outlook for traditional Tornado Alley.

Electric Adventure: Monsoon Lightning in SW New Mexico

Join Raychel and Eugene on a thrilling monsoon storm chasing adventure in southwest New Mexico! We were lucky to watch in awe as the sky transformed into a canvas of dark clouds and vivid lightning bolts during our first storm chase of the week. With towering cloud to ground lightning strikes, this storm was a…

FULL INTERVIEW: Walker Ashley Talks the Future of Supercells + Tornadoes

Do you want to learn way too much about the future of tornadoes, storm chasing, and event things like water management on the Great Plains? In this must-watch video, Raychel sat down with esteemed meteorologist and expert on climate trends with severe weather, Walker Ashley, to explore the shifting trends for the future of severe…

TWO LP Beauties Near Hope, New Mexico – June 3, 2022

By June, it was becoming painfully apparent that the season in the Central and Southern Plains was not long for this world. Weather models held little promise of any major severe weather setups, with only meager flow forecast beyond the first week of June. It was the worst case scenario for the season, which had…

Chasing LP Supercells in the Desert! (Beware of Ants) – May 16, 2022

I had such big plans to chase the last 1/2 [...]

Pretty High Based Supercells in the Texas Panhandle – May 1, 2022

You never know how a storm season is going to [...]

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