Central Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak! (April 19, 2023)

Before I took off for my first chase of the year, I distinctly remember weather models really weren’t giving a ton of confidence that storms would form. In fact, in the infamous TPC (that’s Titan Prediction Center) group chat…we were debating it up until late morning. But not only did storms go, they went big.…

Brief Tornado in Southeast OKC! April 19, 2023

Folks watching our live stream yesterday got a good glimpse of a brief tornado over the SE portions of the OKC metro. This brief tornado occurred near Tinker Air Force Base and lasted just a couple of minutes before dissipating. After this tornado we captured incredible sunset structure and then quickly bailed south for many…

Supercells, Tornadoes Possible Today in Oklahoma (4/19/23)

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Chasing Down an Oklahoma Twister – Loyal, Oklahoma – May 2, 2022

This tornado formed from a supercell which exploded off of [...]