Beautiful Building Storm Over Saguaro National Park!

This monsoon chase day started off VERY slow. As you can see in the video, I was beginning to blame Eugene for all of our failings on what seemed like a hopeless day (hint: I was joking because I was actually at fault). We even had gotten to the point we gave up on the…

Electric Adventure: Monsoon Lightning in SW New Mexico

Join Raychel and Eugene on a thrilling monsoon storm chasing adventure in southwest New Mexico! We were lucky to watch in awe as the sky transformed into a canvas of dark clouds and vivid lightning bolts during our first storm chase of the week. With towering cloud to ground lightning strikes, this storm was a…

Photographing beautiful storms and landscapes | Monsoon 2020

Monsoon season is always one of our favorite times of [...]

The 2019 Monsoon Storm Chase | Incredible bolts to end the season and lessons learned | Part IV

The close of the 2019 monsoon season for me was [...]

The 2019 Monsoon Storm Chase | The Cloud-To-Ground Lightning Heats Up Edition | Part III

Chasing with friends always makes chase days better. As Titan [...]

The 2019 Monsoon Storm Chase | In Search of Thunderstorm Electrical Discharges | Part II

The first few weeks of the 2019 monsoon were just [...]

The 2019 Monsoon Storm Chase | Beautiful Skies, Incredible Scenes | Part I

The monsoon season in the Southwest US is one of [...]

WiLD Weather: Chasing down dust storms in the desert southwest

The monsoon season in the desert southwest is an incredible [...]

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