INCREDIBLE Lightning Show North of Flagstaff, AZ!

Eugene Thieszen and myself sat north of Flagstaff for over two hours, waiting patiently for developing storms to finally unleash tons of lightning. I was about to give up hope until, near sunset, the final storms of the day finally showed their fury. The bolts varied from massive branched bolts to quick single strokes. It…

Eating the Dirt in Arizona: Casa Grande Haboob

Haboobs (another name for dust storms) are usually outflow-driven events with collapsing thunderstorms throwing out strong wind gusts, which pick up ample dust at the surface. As this mini cold front surges outwards and away from the collapsing storms, a wall of blinding dust accompanies it. On this day, Raychel and Eugene finally achieved their…

Stormy Vistas of SE Arizona’s Monsoon Season

Witness the majesty of the monsoon season in SE Arizona in our latest video. Join Raychel and Eugene on a serene chase through Arizona’s stunning landscape as they track a picturesque cell with solid monsoon structure. While this storm may not have produced the most dramatic lightning strikes, the moody atmosphere and breathtaking vistas were…

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