INCREDIBLE Lightning Show North of Flagstaff, AZ!

Eugene Thieszen and myself sat north of Flagstaff for over two hours, waiting patiently for developing storms to finally unleash tons of lightning. I was about to give up hope until, near sunset, the final storms of the day finally showed their fury. The bolts varied from massive branched bolts to quick single strokes. It…

Supercells, Tornadoes Possible Today in Oklahoma (4/19/23)

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Electric Adventure: Monsoon Lightning in SW New Mexico

Join Raychel and Eugene on a thrilling monsoon storm chasing adventure in southwest New Mexico! We were lucky to watch in awe as the sky transformed into a canvas of dark clouds and vivid lightning bolts during our first storm chase of the week. With towering cloud to ground lightning strikes, this storm was a…

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June 22, 2014 Storm Chase | Incredible Supercell in the Texas Panhandle

If you are a storm photographer -- June 22, 2014 [...]