The Basic Ingredients for Storms, And The Tools Used to Forecast

This is the first video of a longer series of videos on the basics of storm forecasting and observation built specifically for storm spotters, weather enthusiasts, and storm chasers. This video series will teach you all of the basics on how to forecast and spot storms successfully. Think about this series, when it is done,…

Supercells Possible Today from W. Kansas to the Panhandles

There are going to be a lot of storms around [...]

Unlocking Nature’s Fury: The Science of Instability

oin Storm Chaser Raychel Sanner as she delves into the captivating world of atmospheric instability. Discover the secrets behind convective available potential energy (CAPE) parameters and other methods of measuring instability, unraveling the mystery of what storm chasers seek in the sky. In this video we break down the different CAPE parameters (SBCAPE, MLCAPE, and…

Storms to Form Along Everything, Everywhere

It’s going to be a day where storms form all [...]

Supercells, A Tornado Possible Today in the Panhandle/Western Oklahoma

Today is going to be yet another day with severe [...]