The Most Photogenic Day of My Chase Season?

Some days, like June 10, 2023, you don’t leave the house expecting much — but the atmosphere seems set to reward you for even trying. This was a day that was literally the day before the day. I chased June 10 because I literally ‘had the time’ before I was set to take guests on…

Stormy Vistas of SE Arizona’s Monsoon Season

Witness the majesty of the monsoon season in SE Arizona in our latest video. Join Raychel and Eugene on a serene chase through Arizona’s stunning landscape as they track a picturesque cell with solid monsoon structure. While this storm may not have produced the most dramatic lightning strikes, the moody atmosphere and breathtaking vistas were…

LIVE CLASS REPLAY: Let’s Diagram Basic Storm Structure Together!

Wow! Last night was awesome. Thank you to everyone who [...]

Pretty High Based Supercells in the Texas Panhandle – May 1, 2022

You never know how a storm season is going to [...]