Eating the Dirt in Arizona: Casa Grande Haboob

Haboobs (another name for dust storms) are usually outflow-driven events with collapsing thunderstorms throwing out strong wind gusts, which pick up ample dust at the surface. As this mini cold front surges outwards and away from the collapsing storms, a wall of blinding dust accompanies it. On this day, Raychel and Eugene finally achieved their…

Tracking down an Arizona Dust Storm

A cluster of storm cells pushed out a lot of outflow south and west of Casa Grande, Arizona. This set the stage for a classic southwest monsoon event: A dust storm. We positioned ourselves west of Casa Grande, AZ as we saw dust emerge in the distance. It was clear that we were about to…

Dust in the Wind: The Conditions Before A Haboob in Arizona

As the week moved on during our monsoon chase trip, it was becoming obvious our hunt for the elusive haboob was going to have its best shot at success on July 24, 2022. On this day, we knew a cluster of storms would form south of Tucson and likely race north. The outflow from this…

Dust Bowl Storm Chasing! – April 22, 2022 Texas Panhandle

My 2022 storm chase season began in the Texas Panhandle [...]

WiLD Weather: Chasing down dust storms in the desert southwest

The monsoon season in the desert southwest is an incredible [...]