Central Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak! (April 19, 2023)

Before I took off for my first chase of the year, I distinctly remember weather models really weren’t giving a ton of confidence that storms would form. In fact, in the infamous TPC (that’s Titan Prediction Center) group chat…we were debating it up until late morning. But not only did storms go, they went big.…

Night of the Twisters: Pink, Oklahoma Tornado (April 19, 2023)

Tornadoes at night are exceedingly difficult to chase, even under idealized conditions. In the case of a supercell churning out twisters in every direction? Yeah, that’s another thing entirely. We’ll have more from this night soon enough, but here’s a quick and basic breakdown of the supercells that did a dance just east of the…

Another Day, Another Texas Hailfest Coming Up (4/28/23)

It seems like every day this week we’ve been talking [...]

What’s Next for Tornado Alley in May and June?

In this nearly 20-minute video, storm chaser Raychel Sanner takes a deep dive into the rest of the tornado season in Tornado Alley. The season got off to a fast and deadly start with tornadoes sweeping across the country in record-breaking numbers for the first three months of the year. However, April saw a much…

Enhanced Threat of Hail, Tonadoes in Texas (4/2/23)

If there ever was a time for “that escalated quickly” [...]