May is typically considered the ‘peak’ of tornado season on the Plains. We call this time period Prime Time on the Plains.

I like this name because, quite honestly, it’s when storms just seem to overperform expectations. My forecast philosophy is to always think about ways things will work out in May vs. the obvious failure modes that tend to ruin setups earlier in the Spring.

In this video, we’re looking at May 12, 2023, and May 17, 2023. Both of these days had interesting and unique features to them that we’re going to look at. Join us for this ride through Tornado Alley.

0:00 – Storm Chase Time
0:17 – Morning Discussion
0:52 – First Storms of the Day
1:32 – Struggling, Small Storms
2:10 – Unrealized Ideas, Unrealized
2:26 – Welcome to New Mexico
3:15 – Outflow City
3:32 – Exploding Towers East
4:40 – Two Storms, One Supercell
5:40 – Saucer Structure Show
7:00 – Twilight Twinkle